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Or just as nuH pegh can be interpreted as "It's a weapon. It's secret," you could read betgham voQSIp as "It's a liquid. It's nitrogen," using the same construction as Hov leng Star Trek.
Earlier, chuch bIQ was one usage, rather than bIQ chuch for water ice. But chuch bIQ could mean ice water, water obtained from ice - for example, runoff from a glacier. They might need the water that came off some melting ice, rather than stuff synthesised from a replicator. 

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For me, the N1-N2 construction has always meant that the set N2 is restricted to the subset represented by N1. Every single canon usage of this construction fits this interpretation, even numbers and titles.
{yaS taj} 'of the universal set of all possible knives, the officer's" = the officer's knife.{romuluS HIq} of the set of liquors, the one from/made by Romulans{rugh bIQSIp} of the types of hydrogen, the anti-matter kind{voQSIp betgham} of the universal set of liquids, the one made from nitrogrn{cha' Dujmey} of the universal set of ships, two of them{qIrq HoD} of the universal set of captains, the one who is Kirk
Trying to interpret N1-N2 in the opposite way, that N2 restricts or explains N1 is a kind of 'special pleading", usually using English as the basis of the interpretation. Also, if N1-N2 can be either pattern, it is only possible to tell which is being used by working backwards from the English again.
But if you understand N1-N2 to be that N1 restricts N2, it works in Klingon every single time, without confusion.
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