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“KAHLESS” by Michael Jan Friedman  (New York:  Pocket Books, ©1996) and other editions.  From the blurb:

  “The first Klingon emperor, Kahless, has become a legend in the last 1500 years. A
    clone of him now holds title of emperor. He can trust no one except Capt. Jean-Luc
    Picard and Lt. Worf.”

Other words I know of from the novel are:

*s'tarahk* - an omnivorous riding animal.  This could be a variations of {Sargh}:  "A Klingon *sark} ({Sargh}) is an animal somewhat resembling a Terran horse, both in appearance and in that Klingons (generally individually) often ride on the animal's back." [KGT p.111].

*thranx* - a Klingon plant that flowers once every eight years.  This is spelled {tlheng'IQ} in the {'u'} libretto and paq’batlh.
Note that minn’hor, s’tarahk and thranx are not Okrand’s {tlhIngan Hol}, though he may have come up with “official” spellings after the fact – as he’s done for other fan and Paramount words.

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>[mInHor] (?)      minn'hor (n)
>  - "An ox-like carnivorous animal used for riding" (Kahless [J.M. Friedman's pro novel])
>  -  ?The *minn'hor* is a beast of burden (similar to cattle), the milk of which is used to make cheese.? (Felix, 7/25/2016)

I've never heard of this. I can't find the word at https://www.frathwiki.com/Klingon/lexicon<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/www.frathwiki.com/Klingon/lexicon__;!!BpyFHLRN4TMTrA!5zmPcqmpxi2NZ5GTm5uUbnDTb0_tX-clVICNye2hR1uEb6H-cgv6lnbVWYR0lNBCosSlpjHAvgv7lSI490BRWV8geK6h$> nor at the wiki. It would be a good "fanon" word to confirm as canon with Marc Okrand at the next qep'a' or qepHom, though.

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