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On 1/31/2023 12:29 AM, James Landau via tlhIngan-Hol wrote:
> So pjrases with *rurbogh* (or any kind of -bogh) need an agreement 
> prefix if it's not just a third-person subject with a third-person 
> direct object? I never thought about that, perhaps because I thought 
> of it more as an adjective (albeit a prepositive adjective rather than 
> the usual postpositive stative verb) rather than as a verb.

A relative clause is just a complete sentence with *-bogh* added to the 
end of the verb.

*nIrur loDpu'*/Men resemble you./

*nIrurbogh loDpu'*/men who resemble you/

The entire relative clause gets used as a noun phrase in another sentence.

*jatlhpu' SoSoy nIrurbogh loDpu' vIghombej */Momma said I will certainly 
meet men who resemble you./

The verb is not prepositive or postpositive; it simply sits between any 
object and subject as usual.

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