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>> On a side note, note that there's a prefix missing in the title. "Boys
>> like you" should be {SoH nIrurbogh loDpu'}.
>It should be {SoH nIrurbog loDHompu'}, qar'a'? Although I'm not sure that
>"boys" in this context means the same thing as {loDHom}. In English,
>infantilisation is sometimes used as a form of affection, but Klingon
>culture would probably view it as insulting. (There's a story here about an
>unfortunate Terran who tried to flirt with a Klingon by calling her "baby",
>i.e., {ghu}.)

You can watch the official (animated) video for "Boys like You" at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnaG3OaU5bw . Given the ages of the people in the video, the title clearly means "Young men like you" rather than "Male children like you".

In qepHom 2021, Marc Okrand wrote: "In Klingon, a *be'* is a female of any age and a *loD* is a male of any age. To specifically refer to a younger one of these, add -Hom. You probably wouldn't use -Hom for anyone past the Age of Ascension, but whatever other usage patterns there may be are subtle and murky. In general, if you're not talking about children (however defined), stick with *be'* and *loD*."

How about using the words *be'oy* and *loDoy* for when singers are addressing their girlfriends or boyfriends as "girl" or "boy", as in the line from the above video: "I'm so excited, boy, you're making me blush", or Colbie Caillat's "Boy, we go together like peanuts and payday" or the Kinks' "Girl, you've really got me going" or the Naked Eyes' "How could I forget you, girl?"?

And I'm amused that you mention the *ghu* story -- I ran into something about that on the wiki just the other day.
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