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>From: Alan Anderson <qunchuy at alcaco.net>
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>Maybe not. French calls it "bombe". Spanish is "bomba". Hebrew looks like
>it calls it either a bomb or a cannon. We don't know what Klingons would
>call the act of jumping into a pool in order to make a big splash.


Checking out https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/cannonball#Translations, in Finnish and Macedonian it's called a bomb, in Dutch it's called a little bomb, in Portuguese it can either be a bomb or a cannonball, and in German it's a Sa'Hut-bomb.

>Worf seems averse to swimming in the first place, so Klingons might not>even have pool-related jargon.

Didn't know that!

>>> Am I missing something?
>You're missing the noun {nIch} "ammunition".

Ah! Didn't think to go searching for that. Thanks!

>However, you're also missing the noun {bobDar} "splash". I think
>{bobDar'a'} would be a perfectly appropriate word to describe a "cannonball
>jump" -- or at least the relevant result of one.

You're right that we could probably just use *bobDar*. I do know this word, since I remember the discussion of "Splish Splash" that went on when it was revealed. Or we could use some imagery like *jorwI' bobDar*.
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