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Yes, the dangers of plug-n-play “translation”. The same words pulled from the lexicon and shoved into a grammatically correct parallel construction in the style of Google Translate won’t always communicate the intended idea.


charghwI’ ‘utlh
(ghaH, ghaH, -Daj)

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>> On a side note, note that there's a prefix missing in the title. "Boys like you" should be {SoH nIrurbogh loDpu'}.
> It should be {SoH nIrurbog loDHompu'}, qar'a'? Although I'm not sure that "boys" in this context means the same thing as {loDHom}. In English, infantilisation is sometimes used as a form of affection, but Klingon culture would probably view it as insulting. (There's a story here about an unfortunate Terran who tried to flirt with a Klingon by calling her "baby", i.e., {ghu}.)
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