[tlhIngan Hol] Klingon Word of the Day: DoQ

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Mon Jan 9 07:43:06 PST 2023

On 1/9/2023 10:32 AM, Steven Boozer via tlhIngan-Hol wrote:
> Klingon word: 	DoQ
> Part of speech: 	verb
> Definition: 	claim (territory)
> Source: 	TKD
> _______________________________________________
> chay' 'etlh DoQ nuch
> How does a coward claim a sword? (PB)
> 'etlh DoQDI' meQchu'pu' che'rupbogh
> his promised kingdom will be ash by the time he claims the sword (PB)
> molor HoSghaj woQ / luDoQ / 'el chaH 'e' lupoQ
> In the name / Of Molor the Mighty, / Demanding to get in. (PB)
> wIvraj tIDoQ.
> Place your bets. (DSC "Will You Take My Hand?")
> Perhaps "claim [some thing]" would be a better definition as it's also used for things other than territory.  In fact, do we have any examples WRT claiming territory?

I think "(territory)" is there to distinguish the meaning from "claim" 
as in "claim that something is true." It's not there to mean that the 
only kind of thing you can DoQ is territory.

With the first two paq'batlh sentences, a clearer indication of this 
might be "claim (territory, property)." The third sentence suggests that 
"property" might not just be physical property but rights and authority 
that one possesses. The fourth refers to a very transient kind of 

I think, therefore, that a good definition of DoQ that isn't quite so 
specific in its disambiguating note would be "claim (name unto oneself)."

I don't think the word has ever been used canonically regarding territory.


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