[tlhIngan Hol] Look what the vIghro' (or layyan, or taygher, or jeghwar) brought in.

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> >Although, on the other hand, I quickly found one you did not discover:
> >
> >{ngayvo'wan} working pants
> >
> >When typing pIqaD, {ng} is mapped on the F key. (and we know Okrand
> >knows that, as he's done this before, IIRC)
> I remember him doing that too, although I can't recall which word it was
> with.

These are the other references made using "xifan hol" that I have:

{ngItHel} "fithel" (fiddle, in Middle English spelling)
{ngonDer} "fonder" (absence makes the heart grow...)
{nguy} "fuy" (fooey, an expression of disdain)
{tlhapragh} "xaprag" (reverse to "garpax", the record company)
{vI'Ir} "vizir" (brand name)

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