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- *yItQet* "petroleum, crude oil": *boQwI'* currently lists this pun as  a reference to "Tikriti", which I think is kind of a stretch. I think the
  more likely pun is *teQ tIy* "Tex tea" = "Texas tea", a slang term for
  crude oil made famous by the opening theme song to the *Beverly

::jIruH:: I was the one who added the "Tikriti" explanation into the wiki!

When I saw the letter Q, I was thinking of kr, since kr often becomes Q in borrowings and puns (like *yelneHSIQ*). How often does ks/x become Q? (I don't have a list before me at the moment). But if crude oil is called Texas tea (a term I had never heard of before), it is a likely explanation. The only mismatch between "teQtIy" and "Tikriti" is that the former has an E between the T and KR, whereas the latter has an I, but there's no mismatch between "teQtIy" and "Tex tea" (assuming, od course, that Q is stanfard for ks).

Maybe Marc Okrand intended to make both puns at once? With that and this *yI'De'* word, too.

And BTW, would Internet-speak comments like ::blushes:: or ::cries:: be expressed with jI-, like ::jIruH::? It sounds more accurate than putting the verb into the third person as we do in English, but maybe there's an established rule for this.
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