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While revising the paq'batlh, Dr. Okrand wanted to change the translation
used for "Contents" (as in the "Table of Contents" of a book).

Currently, on p. 201, it's {ngaS} "contains." But I think a simple
{'ay'mey} "sections" (or even {paq 'ay'mey}) may be better. What do you

As precedent, the heading "contents" in Klingon Monopoly used {ngaS
'aplo'}. (It was actually printed with a typo and says {naS 'aplo'} (!),
but I think everyone knows what was meant.)

> CONTENTS: Game board, 6 Collectible tokens, 28 Title Deed cards, 16
COMBAT cards, 16 HONOR cards, 2 dice, 32 Outposts, 12 Capitals, 1 Pack of
Klingon Forces, Rules, Chancellor's Cane Replica.
> n[g]aS aplo: Quj 'echlet, polmeH jav QujwI' lIwmey, cha'maH chorgh yer
ghajwI' chaw' 'echletHommey, wa'maH jav quv 'echletHommey, wa'maH jav vIq
'echletHommey, cha' mI' naghmey wejmaH cha' raQmey, wa'maH cha' monmey, wa'
tlhIngan QaS vey, paqHom, Qang naQ velqa'.

So perhaps for a book one could say {ngaS paq} or {'ay'mey ngaS paq}. I
think {paq 'ay'mey} would also work, if you wanted to use a noun for the
heading (though there's plenty of examples of verb/sentence headings).

I think {paq ’ay’mey}. The Monopoly phrase was describing/listing things
that are in the box, a different sort of “contents.”

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