[tlhIngan Hol] expressing "reconcile" "I cause x and y to become friends" and {-chuqmoH} {-chuqqa'moH} {-chuqchoHmoH}

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Thu Mar 24 06:58:58 PDT 2022

On 3/24/2022 9:40 AM, Iikka Hauhio wrote:
> We know that you can combine reflexive and causative suffixes. The 
> suffixes can be interpreted in two ways:
> *
> *
>  1.  The causative comes before the reflexive (the subject causes
>     themselves to do something): *jIQuch'eghmoH* /I cause myself to be
>     happy./
>  2. The causative comes after the reflexive (the subject causes
>     someone else to do something): Qo'noS tuqmey muvchuqmoH *qeylIS.
>     */Kahless united the tribes of Kronos. /(paq'batlh)
> We are interested in the second interpretation.
> There is no transitive verb "be friend", so I'm not sure what verb you 
> would attach*-chuq* to. Let's say we use*parHa'*.
> *
> *
> *parHa'chuq HoD yaS je. */The captain and the officer like each other./
> /
> /
> *HoD yaS je vIparHa'chuqmoH. */I cause the captain and the officer to 
> like each other./
> /
> /
> If you add *-choH *or *-qa'*, you are emphasising that there is change 
> in state. Again, the suffixes can be interpreted in different ways 
> depending on context:
> *HoD yaS je vIparHa'chuqqa'moH. */I cause again that the captain and 
> the officer like each other. /OR /I cause that the captain and the 
> other like each other again./
> /
> /
> The correct interpretation depends on context.
The verb *moj*/become/ itself implies a change of state in a way that 
*parHa'//*/like/ does not. *HoDvaD yaSvaD je juppu' vImojmoH* does not 
benefit from having a type 3 verb suffix included, because the meaning 
is not "change from non-friends to friends," it is "start becoming 
friends" or "resume the process of becoming friends that had been 
interrupted," but does not distinguish whether the captain and officer 
were previously friends before, which is what Qa'yIn wants to know.

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