[tlhIngan Hol] {So'} and {-'egh} is there a difference between {jISo'} and {jISo''egh}

Steven Boozer sboozer at uchicago.edu
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We even have an example:

  ghach jIvvo' naH.  DaH pIghvamDaq So''eghtaH.
  There is a criminal hiding in these ruins.  (STID)
Normally {So’} “hide, conceal, cloak “ takes an object:

(KGT 54f):  It is also appropriate to say {Duj So'} (“He/she cloaks the ship”) or {Duj So'lu'pu'} (“The ship is cloaked”; literally, “Someone or something has cloaked the ship”).
but see this odd (colloquial??) example:

  nuqDaq So'taH yaS
  Where is the officer hiding? (TKD)

which could also be translated “Where is the officer hiding him/her/it/them?” with the unmarked third-person “zero prefix”.


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In Greek if we want to say "the officer is hiding in the engine room", we'll say "the officer is hiding in the engine room".

But I've noticed in English one could or maybe even *would* say "the officer is hiding himself in the engine room".

And this confuses me. As Americans, do you see/feel any difference between saying "the officer is hiding in the engine room" and "the officer is hiding himself in the engine room?"

Because I wonder, which of the two I should say:

{jonta' pa'Daq So' yaS} or {jonta' pa'Daq So''egh yaS}?

jonta' pa'Daq So''egh yaS. The subject of So' causes the object to be hidden.



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