[tlhIngan Hol] {-bogh} {-bogh}'ed nouns and {-taHvIS}

Iikka Hauhio fergusq at protonmail.com
Tue Mar 15 09:01:22 PDT 2022

If I heard boghmoHtaHvIS be'pu' Qanbogh Qun'e', I'd think it means "While the god who protects women is giving birth". I'm not sure you an attach a subordinate clause to a relative clause, but even if you could grammatically, it's going to be hard to understand as it's too complex.

Will Martin:

> What you really seem to want to say is:
> *puqpu’ boghmoHlI’bogh be’pu’’e’ Qanbogh Qun’e’*
> {be’pu’} is the head noun of {boghmoHlI’bogh} and {Qun} is the Head Noun of {Qanbogh}.

I think this is a good suggestion.

Iikka "fergusq" Hauhio
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> On 3/15/2022 9:59 AM, Will Martin wrote:
>> That’s nested Relative Clauses, and no, you can’t do that.
> Says who?
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