[tlhIngan Hol] pronoun with {-taH} pronouns with {-taH} vs {tu'lu'}

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You could even say

Qo'noSDaq law' Duj.

I don't think the three sentences have a lot of difference. They might be used in slightly different contexts, perhaps they emphasize different things.

Intuitively I'd say that tu'lu' would be used when introducing a thing and bIHtaH when describing an already introduced thing, but I don't have any source for this.

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> Qo'noSDaq Duj law' tu'lu'
> Qo'noSDaq bIHtaH Duj law''e'
> Don't both sentences mean the same? The way I understand them, they both mean "at kronos there are many ships".
> So, when should someone use {tu'lu'} and when should he use the pronoun with {-taH} variation?
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