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> Le lun. 13 juin 2022 à 18:11, Ed Bailey <bellerophon.modeler at gmail.com> a
> écrit :
> Another thing you've made me reconsider: I have definitely used both
>> {ngIq} and {Hoch} following a plural noun, and while intelligible, it may
>> have been totally unidiomatic usage.
> I don't think this works. Dr. Okrand considered {Qapla'meywIj Hoch}, which
> appeared in the first edition of the paq'batlh, to have been a mistake.
> {Hoch} following an uncountable noun means "all of X", as in {nIn Hoch}.
> See my post "{Hoch} before and after a noun" about this.

Thanks for the quick and definitive response. That there's an example he
considers a mistake seals the deal. It's certainly no problem to make it
clear which weapons I'm talking about without doing this, e.g. {ngIq

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