[tlhIngan Hol] info from paq'batlh that's not really new

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Fri Jun 24 04:13:47 PDT 2022

> {qatlh Sutamchu' tlhIH / SuvwI'pu' Hem boghIjlu''a' / tlhIH je qanra'
puqloD pejatlh}
> "Why are you all silent? / You, proud warriors, are you afraid? / And
you, sons of Kahnrah, speak up!"
> This usage of {je} is implicitly conjoining two nouns, namely {tlhIH}
(referring to {SuvwI'pu' Hem}), and {tlhIH}
> (referring to {qanra' puqloD}).  It's a bit complicated but It mirrors
the English "you... and you", with other
> things in between.

So, this means that in the {tlhIH je qanra' puqloD pejatlh} there's an
elided {tlhIH} before the {tlhIH} which is written.

And so this means, that (from now on) we *can* use the conjunction {je}
"and" after just one noun, as long as the elided one is clear from context.

Interesting.. Very interesting.. (three thinking emoji here)

Ζεὺς ἦν, Ζεὺς ἐστίν, Ζεὺς ἔσσεται· ὦ μεγάλε Ζεῦ
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