[tlhIngan Hol] some info on {jatlh} and {jang}

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Fri Jun 17 09:56:12 PDT 2022

On 6/17/2022 12:48 PM, Will Martin wrote:
> I’ll go farther and share that I think that {jatlh} originally was 
> supposed to take languages or speeches as object and {ja’} was 
> originally supposed to have people as object (hence {ja’chuq} is a 
> word in the word list and {jatlhchuq} is not),

I don't think so. I think *ja'* being glossed /tell, report/ suggests 
that something like a status report was always a possible meaning. This 
is backed up by the fact that one of the lines in /Star Trek III/ is 
Kruge saying "Report status!" and both *ja'* and *Dotlh* are in the 
original edition of the dictionary. I'll bet that Okrand had a 
translated version at hand just in case it was asked for: *Dotlh ja'!*

I also think that *qaja'pu'* is an early sign of Okrand either not 
thinking about or (possibly intentionally) not distinguishing between 
direct and indirect objects in Klingon. I don't think it was ever the 
case that the one and only possible object of *ja'* is the entity being 
spoken to.

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