[tlhIngan Hol] {net X} vs. {'e' Xlu'}

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Le sam. 11 juin 2022 à 15:41, Will Martin <lojmitti7wi7nuv at gmail.com> a
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> While we are celebrating new potential complexity, since that seems to be
> the whole point of this list much of the time,

The new information doesn't add any potential complexity which wasn't there
before. It just explains a bunch of sentences that we already had in canon.

> {tlhIngan Hol ghojlu’chu’ ‘e’ chavlu’chugh QuchchoH Hoch}
> Not so good, even if it is grammatically legal:
> {tlhIngan Hol ghojlu’chu’ QuchchoH Hoch ‘e’ chavlu’chugh}

It might be grammatically legal, but it doesn't have the same meaning. This
sentence means "one learns Klingon perfectly, if everyone becoming happy is

The sentence I think you had intended would be:
{QuchchoH Hoch, tlhIngan Hol ghojlu'chu' 'e' chavlu'chugh}

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