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In TKD (p. 175-176) it is stated that: <When [{-jaj}] is used, there is
never a Type 7 aspect suffix.>

However, this "rule" is violated by {wo' ghawran DevtaHjaj} / {wo'
DevtaHjaj ghawran} (KGT p. 25-26) (The first is a toast with special
grammar, but the second is meant to be a normal sentence.)

There are several lines in the paq'batlh with {-taHjaj} as well. I asked
Dr. Okrand about this, and he said that {-taHjaj} is allowed under certain
circumstances and that there are exceptions to the rule which were missed
in TKD, but he did not elaborate on what they were.

(Star Trek Discovery also had the line {tlhIngan maH; taHjaj}, which Qov
cleverly split to avoid breaking the above "rule", but apparently {tlhIngan
maHtaHjaj} would've been okay too.)

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