[tlhIngan Hol] Klingon Word of the Day: Huch jengva'

Steven Boozer sboozer at uchicago.edu
Tue Feb 15 07:51:30 PST 2022

Klingon word: 	Huch jengva'
Part of speech: 	noun
Definition: 	coin 
Source: 	qep'a' 25 [2018]

(qep'a' 2018):  literally “money plate”; often, not always, followed by {-Hom}

The plural is {Huch ngop} :
(qep'a' 2018):  literally “money plates”; often, not always, followed by {-Hom}

(KGT 194):  Since there are any number of phrases involving money that could be taken the wrong way if {Huch} is pronounced {Quch}, many tourists follow the Klingon practice of using the term {DarSeqmey} ... to refer to money in general.

(TKW 7):  perhaps, to the Klingon way of thinking, while one is alive, one must sacrifice or give up something (the way one uses credits or latinum when making a purchase) in order to ensure that the spirit is one's own.

  During the Kot'baval Festival being celebrated at the Maranga IV outpost, Worf gave a street vendor a couple of coins for what appeared to be a bag of dried gagh. Alexander wanted some money from his father to give to a man who offered to show him Molor's head in a box for 50 darseks. (TNG "Firstborn")

  The Klingon Judiciary placed a bounty of 9000 darseks for the capture of escaped convict Jonathan Archer, dead or alive, in 2153, which was considered "a fortune" by the Tellarite bounty hunter Skalaar. These appeared to be metal (latinum?) bars, app. 1 x 3 inches in size, and were transported in a box. (ENT "Bounty")

(Lieven, 2/12/2019; i.e. various darsek coins):  A few days ago, Star Trek Discovery Designer Tamara Deverell has shared some drawings of the Klingon game {tISang} and also for the used currency … https://twitter.com/OntarioDGC/status/1093994981168160768  

Huch 		money (n)
Huch nav  	bill [ie. banknote] (n)
  -  Quj wa'DIch MONOPOLY Huch nav qa' tlhIngan QaS 
     Klingon forces replace original MONOPOLY bills. (MKE)
 DeQ 		credit [is. Federation currency] (n)
DarSeq 		*darsek* (n)
  -  DarSeqmey DaHutlh 
      You lack money ("You lack darseks"). (KGT)
QaS 		"forces" [used as currency in Klingon Monopoly] (n)
'ewro 		Euro (n)

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