[tlhIngan Hol] vabDot referring to the {-'e'}d noun

mayqel qunen'oS mihkoun at gmail.com
Fri Feb 25 06:56:30 PST 2022

> So if you can describe in full detail what the difference between locate
even the humans
> and even locate the humans is, then you can determine whether the Klingon
means either or both of those.

Indeed, the "even locate the humans" sounds strange. Perhaps it could be
understood in the context of "don't just scan them; even locate them".

Anyway, I'm glad to learn that the Klingon can mean both depending on

Ζεὺς ἦν, Ζεὺς ἐστίν, Ζεὺς ἔσσεται· ὦ μεγάλε Ζεῦ
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