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> 'ewrop DIvI' 'oHtaH'a' 'ewrop DIvI''e'?
> cha' 'ewrop tu'lu' jatlhlu': 'ewrop mIp, 'ewrop mIpbe' je. jIjatlh loS
> 'ewrop tu'lu': qen Ser ghoSlI'bogh 'ewrop'e', pa'logh ghoSlI'bogh 'ewrop'e'
> je tu'choHlu'pu'.
> poH nI' bov chep wIyInpu' 'ewropngan. taH'eghmoHbe' Ser, roj, nuv DIbmey
> je 'e' wIlIjpu'. luQannIslu' 'e' wIlIjpu'. ngoy' Hoch rewbe', potlh je
> ta'mey mach.
> As always, I would appreciate any help / correction in order to improve my
> Klingon. I also have four short questions:
> 1. With *'oHtaH* I was trying to render the idea of *still be*. Is it
> right?

It looks okay to me.

> 2. No problem with *-lu'* being used without object or with intransitive
> verbs, right?

We have canon examples of such usages:
{batlh Heghlu'chugh noDnISbe' vay'} - {Heghlu'} "an unknown, indefinite,
and/or general someone dies", no object
{batlhHa' vanglu'taHvIS quv chavbe'lu'} - {vanglu'} "someone acts", {vang}
is probably intransitive

> 3. Can we put other suffixes between *tu'* and *lu'* when meaning *there
> is/are* like in *tu'choHlu'pu'*?

Yes. {tu'lu'} is just the verb {tu'} plus the suffix {-lu'}, and (if it
makes sense) verb suffixes can go in between. The only canon example I
found was {QuvlIjDaq tu'be'lu'jaj} which has the rover {-be'} between them.

> 4. I was having some difficulties when trying to render ideas like *in
> ordinary situations*, *in daily life* etc., because *-Daq* can only be used
> when referring to a real location. How could I say that?

With an adverbial? {motlh}? {roD}? Or you could use, e.g., {qaStaHvIS
ghu'mey motlh...}.

Also, I'm not sure that you can {yIn} a {bov chep}. I think {SIQ} is the
right word, even though in English "endure" is usually used for negative
experiences. Or maybe one could use {tIv}, though I don't know if Klingons
would "enjoy" a prosperous era in the meaning of {tIv}.

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