[tlhIngan Hol] Canonical word for "Lithuania" (with uncertain spelling)

Felix Malmenbeck felixm at kth.se
Fri Dec 30 08:01:37 PST 2022

Hey y'all!

The US Embassy in Vilnius recently posted an interview with Marc Okrand, in which he spoke a few phrases, including a word for "Lithuania":


The spelling of the word is not entirely clear: It sounds to me like *lIye'tu'va*, but I'm not at all certain about the qaghwI' after {ye}, nor quite certain about the qaghwI'lessness after {va}.

I figure we can let Marc enjoy his holidays without bombarding him with urgent demands for clarification, but we may want to make note of it for some opportune time.

The other phrases used are fairly standard, but an interesting note is that he referes to "the celebration season" as {lop qImroq}, whereas I believe in previous canonical uses of {qImroq} only natural conditions have been used as distinctions. It may be a spontaneous translation, and it is referring to a Terran concept, but as somebody who's used {qImroq} this way myself, it'll be nice to go on doing so with a bit more confidence.

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