[tlhIngan Hol] qep'a' 2022 new words puns

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Thu Aug 4 01:30:45 PDT 2022

I think I receive all your posts, but in the spam folder (as most emails from the email list).

> Gesendet: Donnerstag, den 04.08.2022 um 08:22 Uhr
> Von: "James Landau" <savegraduation at yahoo.com>
> An: "tlhingan-hol at lists.kli.org" <tlhingan-hol at lists.kli.org>
> Betreff: Re: [tlhIngan Hol] qep'a' 2022 new words puns
> >Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2022 20:42:43 -0400
> <From: nIqolay Q <niqolay0 at gmail.com>
> >To: tlhingan-hol at kli.org
> >Subject: Re: [tlhIngan Hol] qep'a' 2022 new words puns
> >>I didn't get the message from James Landau: is there a problem with the
> >mailing list?
> There's apparently some kind of bug in the mailing list software that sends my messages to most people's spam boxes. Will Martin's messages are also junked by some people's accounts. I subscribe to the daily digests. so I see ALL the messages.
> >Anyway, I think the pun is considerably simpler: *yI'De'* is the answer for
> >the request <https://www.kli.org/chabal-archive/cervinoid/> "cervinoid,
> >deerlike or mooselike animal". The dog on the TV show *Frasier* was named
> >Eddie (*yI'De'* backwards) and was played by a dog named... Moose.
> Never knew that. It would be a pretty big coincidence if the yI'De'/Eddie thing were just by chance . . . but it would also be a pretty big coincidence if the yI'/sir, De'vID thing were just by chance. It's remarkable!
> I sent a number of emails to the mailing list last month about *joSraD*, *Hajvav*, *DayqIr*, and other puns. How many of you saw my messages?
> -HemeHe'qIS
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