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>    - *yItQet* "petroleum, crude oil": *boQwI'* currently lists this pun
>    as a reference to "Tikriti", which I think is kind of a stretch. I think
>    the more likely pun is *teQ tIy* "Tex tea" = "Texas tea", a slang term
>    for crude oil made famous by the opening theme song to the *Beverly
>    Hillbillies*.
> I was skeptical of the "Tikriti" interpretation myself, because Dr. Okrand
has generally stayed away from commenting on real-world politics and
religion, and a reference like that would've veered too close to calling
certain wars "oil wars". (It's a common opinion, but it's still somewhat

However, I can't think of what {rubyo'} can be a reference to, except for a
very specific politician. Can anyone else have any ideas?

Also, {cha'DaSvI'} seems very much like it ought to be a reference of some
kind, but I don't know what.

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