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Mon Apr 25 07:46:53 PDT 2022

Klingon Word of the Day for Saturday, April 23, 2022

Klingon word: 	ror
Part of speech: 	verb
Definition: 	be fat, not lean

AFAIK never used in an actual sentence.

(qepHom 2019 booklet):  In TKD, there are two words defined as "be fat": {pI’} and {ror}. The basic difference is that {ror} implies bulk due to body fat or the like, while {pI’} does not carry this connection. Either word can be used in most contexts to convey the notion of “not thin,” but {ror} is more appropriate when the idea is “not lean.” When {ror} is used to describe an inanimate object, there’s usually a bit of anthropomorphizing (klingonomorphizing?) going on, likening the object, however subtly, to a person (or animal). Note also that fat book is usually translated as {paq qargh} (literally “thick book” or “bulky book”), not {paq pI’} or {paq ror}. (Either of these might be appropriate if the book in question comes to life as a character in a cartoon. Under those circumstances, using {-Du’} as the plural suffix for {paq} might also be expected.)

qargh  		be bulky, thick (v) 
jeD 		be thick, dense, viscous (v)
Sub 		be solid (v)
lang 		be thin (v)

tlhagh  		fat, animal fat (n)
Hom  		weakling, runt, scrawny one, skinny one (slang n.) 
(KGT 152):  This word literally means bone, but its slang usage is no doubt influenced by the noun suffix {-Hom}, a diminutive that adds a meaning of smallness or lack of importance [...] There are a number of standard counterparts to {Hom}, such as {pujwI'} (weakling), {langwI'} (one who is thin), and {runwI'} (one who is short).

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