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According to OCLC:

300 ways to ask the four questions : from Zulu to Abkhaz : an extraordinary survey of the world's languages through the prism of the Haggadah / by Murray Spiegel and Rickey Stein ; foreword by Theodore Bikel.  [Roseland, NJ] : Spiegel-Stein Publishing,  ©2007.   The expanded 2nd edition was published in 2011.

According to ebay (https://www.ebay.com/p/65916620 ):

Worldwide translations of the Four Questions from the Passover Seder, from language experts around the world. Spice up your Seder with interesting stories, connections to genealogy and games. 270+ living languages, 15 ancient languages, 4 sign languages, 25 parodies & constructed languages, all in 368 beautiful pages with images of where the languages are spoken. Includes DVD (full recordings, games, puzzles) and CD (highlights and puzzles).

According to https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2927992-300-ways-to-ask-the-four-questions

The result of a quest by two friends passionate about Judaism, Passover and languages, this book shows translations of the Seder's Four Questions into hundreds of languages spanning the globe: Jews from Uganda to Uzbekistan, aboriginals in Australia, Eskimo Bishops, Maori from New Zealand, experts of important ancient languages and sign languages. In the Foreword, Theodore Bikel raves that he "takes great delight in this book."

Make a multi-cultural seder like none you've ever experienced. Photographs, images and drawings from 120 countries, as well as fascinating information about the languages, speakers and translators. CD has recording highlights and quizzes. DVD shows 4 Sign Languages, the full set of recordings, quizzes, games and much more.

Learn about languages you've never heard of, spoken by millions of people, and languages spoken by hundreds or less. Native Americans, African, nearly forgotten languages of Jewish heritage, ancient, invented - the sounds of all humankind, asking the same questions. A modern Rosetta Stone!
According to See also https://www.jewishbookcouncil.org/book/300-ways-to-ask-the-four-questions-from-zulu-to-abkhaz

Ma nish­tana may be the most famil­iar words in the entire seder, and now it’s pos­si­ble to recite them in 300 lan­guages, liv­ing, dead, and cre­at­ed. A thir­ty-year effort to find speak­ers around the world to trans­late the ques­tions into their own lan­guages has result­ed in 300 Ways to Ask the Four Ques­tions, an exu­ber­ant com­pi­la­tion by Mur­ray Siegel and Rick­ey Stein. Siegel and Stein present not only the trans­la­tions but also infor­ma­tion on the lan­guage, the trans­la­tor, the speak­er, and the tran­scriber. The book comes with both a CD and a DVD that have trans­la­tion high­lights, games, quizzes, chants — and more. Irre­sistible to any lan­guage lover and a trove of seder novelties.

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Does anybody know about a book entitled “300 Ways to Ask the Four Questions” by Spiegel & Stein, and page 348, which has a six items written in pIqaD, then Romanized Klingon, then English? A friend sent me a scan of this one page.

It’s rife with typos and strained translations, and with an exception or two seems to have just copied and pasted the Romanized text and changed to the pIqaD font (so {tlh} is spelled {t} {l} {H}, and {ch} is spelled {chH}, and {gh} is spelled {ghH} and every typo is replicated), and it claims to have been written by Mark Shoulson, though I find it hard to believe that Seqram could have done this so badly. [I did see one {Hoch} that wasn’t spelled {HochH} in pIqaD.]

My guess is that someone sent him the English, he dictated the translations and someone else wrote them down (with typos), then copied, pasted, and changed the font, and Mark didn’t have any opportunity to review or edit.

I acknowledge that I’ve gotten rusty at Klingon and have not kept up with much of the newer stuff, but I refuse to believe that a person with Mark’s skill level could ever plunge to these depths, without some corrupting link between his work and the published page.

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