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Will Martin lojmitti7wi7nuv at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 06:20:32 PDT 2022

Does anybody know about a book entitled “300 Ways to Ask the Four Questions” by Spiegel & Stein, and page 348, which has a six items written in pIqaD, then Romanized Klingon, then English? A friend sent me a scan of this one page.

It’s rife with typos and strained translations, and with an exception or two seems to have just copied and pasted the Romanized text and changed to the pIqaD font (so {tlh} is spelled {t} {l} {H}, and {ch} is spelled {chH}, and {gh} is spelled {ghH} and every typo is replicated), and it claims to have been written by Mark Shoulson, though I find it hard to believe that Seqram could have done this so badly. [I did see one {Hoch} that wasn’t spelled {HochH} in pIqaD.]

My guess is that someone sent him the English, he dictated the translations and someone else wrote them down (with typos), then copied, pasted, and changed the font, and Mark didn’t have any opportunity to review or edit.

I acknowledge that I’ve gotten rusty at Klingon and have not kept up with much of the newer stuff, but I refuse to believe that a person with Mark’s skill level could ever plunge to these depths, without some corrupting link between his work and the published page.

I was surprised that I could still read pIqaD. It’s been so long since I’d tried...


charghwI’ ‘utlh
(ghaH, ghaH, -Daj)

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