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Klingon Word of the Day for Saturday, April 16, 2022

Klingon word: 	ghIn
Part of speech: 	noun
Definition: 	monastery
Source: 	qepHom'a' 2010

(MO to Lieven, 11/15/2010):  The word for monastery is {ghIn}. This is a pretty general term for a religious community (and the term "religious" could be interpreted in various ways as well), so it can be modified. A {ghIn'a'} would be a pretty important monastery, for example.

(MO to Lieven, 1/07/2011):  [Maltz] said that perhaps "religious community" was not the best choice of words for what he intended to say. What he meant was that while a {ghIn} could be a single building if that's all the monastery was, it could also refer to a group of buildings and accompanying grounds (gardens or whatever)--the whole defined area where the members of the religious community live or work or do whatever they do there. It doesn't mean the group of people. Maltz hopes that helps and doesn't make things more confusing." 

PUN:  Plymouth Gin (produced by The Black Friars Distillery, formerly a Dominican monastery in Plymouth, England).  "I know that Marc is a fan of gin and tonics, so he's probably familiar with many different gins." (qurgh, 12/22/2010) 

(Holtej [date?]):  In TKH, the line "Get thee to a nunnery" was translated as {ngaghQo'wI' nawlogh yImuv}.  Guido's endnotes translate it as "squadron of the celibate," and further expound: "the closest Klingon equivalent of a monastic order, these were bands of warriors--of either gender--who dedicated their lives to fighting, to the point of refusing to mate".

ghIn'a'  		(important) monastery (n)
ghIn pIn  	abbot,  abbess (n) (Facebook)

chIrgh 		temple (n)
lat 		shrine (n)
lalDan 		religion (n)
nugh 		society (group of people with a shared culture) (n)

maqlegh 	priest/priestess (n)
bulvar 		monk/nun (n)
'eSqa' 		religious garb (n)

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