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Why is it that you are the only person I have problems with communicating. I wish to discuss this in a civilized manner, but it's impossible if you keep accusing me of dishonesty.

I consider that insulting. I never misrepresent you intentionally. I might have misunderstood what you have said. If this is the case, you could explain yourself in other words. But it seems your mistrust is so great nothing I can do to convince you of this. You see malicious intent in every word I say, read them like the devil reads the bible and find every inconsistency there is to accuse me of. Please stop. It is rude and against the principle of charity.

You have a tendency to write about your speculation like it's an established truth. I will respond to your messages I honestly disagree with and want to tell my opinion of. Please do not respond me back if you have nothing nice to say.

Iikka "fergusq" Hauhio
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> On 4/5/2022 2:19 PM, Iikka Hauhio wrote:
>> ​SuStel:
>>> for a quality, that's weird. Again, I'm not saying it's possible, but it's weird, and I'm still not aware of any evidence that Klingon does it
>>>> I don't think it's weird. I've explained how such a word has a useful meaning. I think you too see how it could have a meaning, as you have multiple times described what it would mean, and I agree with your analysis. It seems the only reason you have to argue against this construct is that it is "weird" and doesn't fit to your personal model of how Klingon works.
>>> I don't think you can answer it just by declaring a yes or a no as Iikka is doing.
>> Please don't put words in my mouth.
> Okay. I'm not going to read further. Every time we argue, you just project back what I've said to you, regardless of how accurate it is. You don't bring up evidence; you just claim that you do.
> So you go ahead and keep misrepresenting me. Have fun.
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