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> Note that Okrand was somewhat tech-averse when he wrote TKD and was not
> consulted about typeface.

Are you sure about that? I recall that he specified to the publisher that
Klingon text was always to be in bold serif, while the
corresponding English translations should be italicised, in all of his

> It wasn’t his idea to make the “eye” and “ell” identical,

But they're *not* identical. They're very clearly distinct in Okrand's
books. The problem was introduced when *other* people started writing
Klingon in sans serif, and yet *other* people copied that text visually,
like a game of telephone.

There are any number of instances where the pIqaD glyph for {lay} appears
where one expects {'It}, which could only have happened if someone read
Klingon written in sans serif and then reproduced it by typing it back out.

> and they would not have been if the publisher had chosen a better font. He
> let “the experts” make that choice for the book, and it certainly was not
> his choice to go sans serif to remove the clues as to which is which.
> Meanwhile, it’s interesting that Klingon speakers have no problem with it
> because the limits of the phonology make it obvious which is which.

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