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> In PB we read the sentence:*ghaytanHa' QapDI' SuvtaH*. The literal meaning is something like*When it was unlikely that he would win, he still fought*  (I hope my English is here right!). Is always the meaning of*ghaytanHa' Qap*  *it's unlikely that he will win*, or is it also possible to interpret it as*he wins in an unlikely manner*, i.e.,*he wins although it was unlikely*. And if not, how could this meaning be rendered?

*DaH tIQoy
     ghaytanHa' QapDI' SuvtaH
     Qunpu' Suvpu'*

/[Hear now]
Of one who fought
     Against the odds,
     And even Gods./

So far as we've ever seen, *ghaytan* and *ghaytanHa'* refer to the 
likelihood that a hypothetical action will happen, not the likeliness of 
an action that actually happens.

To express this, I might say *ghaytanHa' Qap, 'ach Qap */He was unlikely 
to win, but he wins./ Or I might emulate the /paq'batlh/ example and say 
*ghaytanHa' QapDI', Qap*/He wins when he is unlikely to win./



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