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On 9/22/2021 12:19 PM, luis.chaparro at web.de wrote:
> I was just wondering if the information about compound nouns, 
> adjectival verbs and nominalized verbs we find on Klingonska (but not 
> in TKD) bases on some canonical evidence. 

I haven't done more than skim the Klingonska page about these things. 
What does it say that TKD doesn't?

> As an aside: When TKD says *two syllables in a row* it doesn't mean *adjacent syllables*, right?

Yes, that's what it means, provided the syllables are part of the same word.

>   And were all verbs at the beginning monosyllabic? (speaking of verbs TKD only says: *the stressed syllable is usually the verb itself*).

Unknown, but almost all verbs are monosyllabic. There are, what, only 
three or four exceptions?

> Ok! Just a question: The sentences I wrote (*ghItlhwI' 'op paq*, *'op 
> ghItlhwI' paq*) are not clear, but are they grammatical? Or should I 
> avoid such constructions? 

They're not sentences; they're noun phrases. They are clear, but they 
are not as distinct as the English translations you're giving them.

>>> 3. Are ellipses like this one allowed in Klingon?: *wa'Hu' chab vISoppu', DaHjaj naH*. Or must I repeat *vISoppu'*?
>> We don't have a lot of guidance regarding sentence fragments. What I will say is that, colloquially, Klingons seem to use them a lot. I have no problem with your suggestion, provided it's clearly said in a colloquial setting. Don't try that sort of thing where formality would be preferred.
> So, formally I should always repeat information (*wa'Hu' chab vISoppu', DaHjaj naH vISoppu'*) or maybe look for another word (wa'Hu' chab vISoppu', DaHjaj naH vIwIvpu'*)?

Yes, repetition is fine in Klingon. You might include a *je* at the end 
of those to tie the ideas together.

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