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> Any help is welcome, thank you for taking the time to reply!
> 1. Are there other canonical sources about stress than the ones we can find in TKD? I've been using the explanation from the Klingonska Akademien (http://klingonska.org/piqad/#stress), which contains *a bit* more information than TKD. Is this the commonly accepted way to stress words in Klingon?

Klingonska Akademien claims to be restating the rules of TKD. What we 
get in TKD is, so far as I know, the only source of rules for stress in 
Klingon, and they're often violated when pronounced by Okrand and 
actors. A lot of people don't pay close attention to stress.

If you follow the rules given, no one will complain. Few people will 
complain if you deviate from the rules, because we just don't know 
enough to say otherwise.

> 2. Are these sentences correct?
> *ghItlhwI' 'op paq* (Some books of the writer/s)
> *'op ghItlhwI' paq* (The book/s of some writers)
> The second one *cannot* mean *Some books of the writer/s*, right? And the same goes for other similar nouns like *Hoch*, doesn't it?

We don't know that. The exact rules for modifiers of noun-noun 
constructions, if there are any exact rules, are not clear.

> 3. Are ellipses like this one allowed in Klingon?: *wa'Hu' chab vISoppu', DaHjaj naH*. Or must I repeat *vISoppu'*?

We don't have a lot of guidance regarding sentence fragments. What I 
will say is that, colloquially, Klingons seem to use them a lot. I have 
no problem with your suggestion, provided it's clearly said in a 
colloquial setting. Don't try that sort of thing where formality would 
be preferred.

> 4. When joining nouns with Type-5 suffixes by conjunctions, the suffixes must be repeated, right?: *be'vaD loDvaD je*, *raSDaq quSDaq ghap* etc. Is there any canonical explanation about it?

Yes, each noun must have the suffix. It has been done in canon — for 
instance, the copyright on Skybox Cards: *Paramount Pictures malja' 
permey bIH Star Trek pong'e' **Deghmey'e' je.* Explanation? I don't 
think it has been formally explained to us, but the reason seems clear 
to me: each noun (phrase) being conjoined is separately a location, 
topic, cause, etc., and so must be separately marked.

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