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On 9/24/2021 9:29 AM, mayqel qunen'oS wrote:
> Does anyone have any ideas as to how we could express the musical 
> instrument "lyre"?
> There's the {HurDagh} (n) "stringed instrument (general term)", 
> {Supghew} (n) "type of stringed instrument", {leSpal} (n) "type of 
> stringed instrument", and {tIngDagh} (n) "type of stringed instrument".
> Does something of the above correspond to the lyre, or should I use 
> the time-honored approach of writing *lyre*, and be done with it?

Well, a lyre is a *HurDagh,* so if you could write "my stringed 
instrument" and be satisfied with that generality, you're good to go.

We know the names of the three instruments you mention above, and we 
know little about them. The *Supghew* is "relatively small" and "the 
most commonly found." The *leSpal* is "midsize" and "fairly widely 
used," and the *tIngDagh* is "large" and "rarely heard except in 
conjunction with the performance of an opera."

Hol 'ampaS claims without source or evidence that a *Supghew* is like a 
ukulele, but I suspect whoever wrote that note was confusing the pun of 
the word *Supghew* with its actual meaning in Klingon.

The *tIngDagh* sounds almost exactly like a harp or a concert harp: 
large, and rarely heard (nowadays) except in large orchestral 
performances. The pun namesakes of *Supghew* and *leSpal* are clearly 
the ukulele and the guitar, but we cannot infer just from what's in KGT 
that these are the Klingon equivalents of these instruments.

A lyre is kinda-sorta like a harp*Hom,* and a harp is kinda-sorta like a 
*tIngDagh,* so you might get away with calling a lyre a *tIngDaghHom 
*(maybe a *tera' tIngDaghHom*). But this is just potential resemblances 
through multiple stages, not a fact to stand by.

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