[tlhIngan Hol] Noun-noun constructions with relative clauses

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On 10/31/2021 11:30 AM, luis.chaparro at web.de wrote:
> However, in TKD it's stated that in a noun-noun construction only the 
> second noun can take a Type 5 suffix (well, I suppose it would be 
> better to say *only the last noun*, since noun-noun constructions with 
> multiple nouns / noun-phrases are possible). But since *-'e'* is a 
> Type 5 suffix, how could we disambiguate this sentence?:
> *DaH be' leghtaHbogh loD paq* - the book of the man who is seeing the 
> woman now / the book of the woman the man is seeing now
> Putting *-'e'* on *be'* or *loD* wouldn't be allowed. Or is there an 
> exception?

Using *-'e'* on the head noun of a relative clause is entirely optional, 
so if it's blocked by some other rule, just don't use an *-'e'.* If it's 
absolutely imperative that the listener not be required to work out for 
themselves whose book it is, don't introduce so many new items in a 
single sentence. If the woman, the man, or the seeing had been 
introduced in a prior sentence, it wouldn't have to be repeated here.

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