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Klingon Word of the Day for Saturday, October 09, 2021

Klingon word: 	jach
Part of speech: 	verb
Definition: 	scream, cry out, shout, yell

'IwlIj jachjaj 
May your blood scream!  (CK)

jach SuvwI' 'e' yIQoy! 
Hear the warrior cry out!  (TKW)

Heghtay lulop latlh tlhInganpu'.  Heghtay luloptaHvIS chaH chaq bey SeQ lujach 
other Klingons may perform a ceremonial howl or yell as part of the Klingon death ritual. (S31)

beyHom bey bey'a' jachtaH latlh tlhInganpu' 
others [Klingons] roar in a great crescendo. (S31)

jachtaHvIS je chal luSIch beychaj
   'ej Qo'noS yav luQommoH 
They too started to shout to the heavens … 
   Their howls made Kronos's soil tremble. (PB) 

pan qeylIS betleH 'ej jach molor 'etlh Hom 
Kahless's bat'leth sparks, and Molor's mighty sword roars. (PB)

DaghIjlu'chugh jachqu' maQ 
Fear speaks very loud. 
("If you're scared, the sign/omen yells (loudly)"  (Lieven < MO, 2/02/2018)

(HQ 10.4, re {cha'qu'}):  a bird with a noisy, repetitive cry

(qep’a’ 2020):  {jach} is a good verb to describe what a {jajlo' Qa'} does.

... as well as the very big {qa'rol} bird:

ghIq jach qa'rol 
Then the {qa'rol} raises voice (PB)

jachDI' qa'rol yIwuq 
Decide when the {qa'rol} cries  (PB)

(KGT 30):  Even though this is probably just a coincidence, there is a slang term {jat}, used throughout the Empire but somewhat more frequently in the areas near Ruk'evet, which means "speak incoherently, mumble", a notion with negative connotations for Klingons. Enunciating Klingon clearly is always important, but one should take extra care to not accidentally say {jat} (mumble) when intending the similar-sounding {ja'} (say), {jatlh} (speak), or {jach} (yell).

(MO > LLL, 12/18/2019):  In English, "wail" is the correct term for people crying or sobbing loudly with grief at a funeral. The verb "whine" is used for a usually high-pitched crying kind of sound when you're complaining about something or unhappy about something. "The kids whined when their father wouldn't let them eat cake." If the kids whined at a funeral, it would be because they didn't want to be there, not because they were sad (and any whining would be disrespectful — wailing at a funeral is not uncommon).

The famous phrase “Today is a good day to die!” was Kahless’ battle cry. (VOY “Dragons Teeth”)

jachwI'na'  	Master of the Scream (lit. "true screamer") (n) (PB)
  - i.e. the traditional narrator role in Klingon opera (PB xvii)

SaQ 		cry [weep] (v)
maq 		proclaim (v)
vIng 		whine (v)
tlhup 		whisper (v)

bey 		howl, yell, cry (n)

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