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Wed Oct 27 08:02:23 PDT 2021

It’s been done, but rarely and never by Okrand AFAIK.  I found only 5 more examples in my notes:

*chellu'wI'          addendum, appendix [Qov]
*leghbe'lu'wI'    unseen (one) [GILGAMESH]
*ngoHlu'wI'        Christ (“anointed one”), messiah [KBTP]
*poQlu'wI'          defendant (i.e. litigant in lawsuit) [source?]
*rachlu'wI'          Augment (i.e. genetically enhanced) [source?]

From: tlhIngan-Hol On Behalf Of mayqel qunen'oS
> ruplu'wI' tax payer
> ("one who is taxed") (source?)

I think that although grammar-wise there's nothing which prohibits the simultaneous use of {-lu'} and {-wI'}, we usually don't do it for reason(s) I don't remember.
I'm just writing this so as to prevent any beginner(s) from developing a habit of writing {-lu'wI'}.

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