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> Something which I wondered some time ago, was how to express "especially".
> "thalaron radiation is an alien weapon, especially of the remans"
> One way to approach this is by writing in detail what "especially of the
> remans" actually means. For example "used mainly by the remans", "mostly
> developed by the remans", "having been made known by the remans", etc..
> On the other hand, perhaps we could avoid going from New York to Los
> Angeles through Chile, by simply writing:
> nov nuH 'oH thalaron woj'e', 'ej rIymuSngan nuH 'oHchu'.
> Of course, if anyone has a better idea, then qeylIS knows, I'd love to
> hear it.

Looking at the definitions for "especially
<https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/especially>" on Wiktionary, one of them in
particular seems to fit what you're going for:

> 3. (focus) Used to place greater emphasis upon someone or something.
>     *Invite them all, especially Molly.*

And we already know one Klingon grammar feature with precisely that meaning.
So maybe something like:
*nov nuH 'oH thalaron woj'e', lulo' rIymuSnganpu''e'. **"Thalaron radiation
is an alien weapon, Remans in particular use it."*
Or one with somewhat more controversial grammar:
*nuH 'oH thalaron woj'e', lulo' novpu' rIymuSnganpu''e' je* *"Thalaran
radiation is a weapon, aliens and especially Remans use it."*

Your example also works, but *-chu'* feels like the wrong ending to me. *X
'oHchu'* makes me think "it is perfectly an X, it is a perfect example of
X, it is a quintessential X", things of that nature. (To illustrate what
I'm getting at: *tlhIngan nuH 'oH meqleH'e', 'ach tlhIngan nuH 'oHchu'
betleH'e'.*) Maybe one of these:
*nov nuH 'oH thalaron woj'e', 'ej rIymuSngan nuH 'oHbej.* *"Thalaron
radiation is an alien weapon, and it is certainly a Reman weapon."*
*nov nuH 'oH thalaron woj'e', 'ej rIymuSngan nuH 'oHqu'. **"Thalaron
radiation is an alien weapon, and it is very much a Reman weapon."*
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