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Steven Boozer sboozer at uchicago.edu
Wed Oct 6 07:08:14 PDT 2021

That's my cue.  Here's what I have:

ghojmeH taj  	boy's knife (n) KCD
   Lit. "knife for learning":  A young Klingon has one of these before he earns his own d'k tahg in the Second Rite of Ascension, or {nentay}. (KCD)
   "But a Klingon is not born a warrior. Being a warrior is something that must be earned. Before I earned this knife, I owned a {ghojmeH taj}, a boy's knife... This story is about Pok, son of Torghn, my friend and ally. A mere boy with a {ghojmeH taj}." (Gowron, KCD novel p.12)

nuH bey'  	Pride of Weapons (n) KCD
   I.e. a ceremonial display of weapons.
   In the House of SepIch Rite of Ascension chamber, the {quv bey'} looks like the {nuH bey'} except that it contains two bat'leths and two d'k tahgs, as opposed to the {nuH bey'} which has one bat'leth, one {naQjej}, and a {ghop 'etlh} ("One of three weapons traditionally displayed on the {nuH bey'}.") (KCD) 
   A photo of what might be Worf's {nuH bey'} on the wall of his Enterprise-D quarters can be seen in TKW p.124 (cf. TNG "Genesis", et al.). 
   "Where are all your weapons? Don't you display your weapons?" (Trelane to Kirk, TOS "The Squire of Gothos") Mirror Kirk certainly does:  he had a display of exotic knives on the wall over his desk in his quarters on the ISS Enterprise. (TOS "Mirror, Mirror")

SoS taj  		mother's knife (n) KCD 
    2 words, confirmed at qepHom 2019.
   "A wickedly shaped weapon, the wounds inflicted by the {SoS taj} are particularly painful and deadly." K'Tar used one. (KCD)

No mention of HolQeD v10n1 anywhere in my notes.  Some words from KCD were published in HolQeD v5n1, p. 20:  i.e. nalqaD, no' Dir, Qa'Hom.  Perhaps that's the source of the confusion.

Voragh, Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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I just noticed these three words
  {ghojmeH taj}
  {nuH bey'}
  {SoS taj}

Which I have listed as source "HolQeD v10n1, p. 20"

While checking for this, I noticed that there is no page 20 in that issue, and the words do not appear there at all.

I know they came from the KCD, but were they published anywhere else officially, being HolQeD or newsgroup or anything?

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