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The noun {tlhIch} “smoke” has also been used with reference to – what else? – smoking in Talk Now!:

  tlhIch vIpurbe'
  I don't smoke.  (TNK)

(qep'a' 2018):  [toba’qo] is just the Federation Standard word; Maltz has heard the phrase {por pur} “inhale leaf”, which he assumes is shortened from {por tlhIch pur} “inhale leaf smoke”, but he has no idea what kind of {por} “leaf” it might be

We know that Klingons do use incense.  In DS9 "Sons of Mogh" we saw {'aDanjI'} incense being used in the *Mauk-to'Vor* {ma'to'vor} death ritual.  And in VOY "Nothing Human" B'Ellana burned some incense in her quarters:  “[it’s a] combination of mental relaxant and expeller of demons. It's an ancient Klingon remedy."  (Janeway replied, "Interesting fragrance. I'm surprised it hasn't set off the environmental alarms.")

In 2000 DloraH (Roger Cheesbro) used *{meQbogh naqHom tIq} for incense in his “{ghIlghameS} : A Klingon Translation”.

Some more incense-related vocabulary:

noSvagh              deodorant (n); used for “perfume” by the Klingon
                              Bible Translation Project (KBTP)
pIw                       odor (n)

He'                        smell (emit odor) (v)
He'So'                  stink (v)
largh                     smell (sense odors) (v)

From: tlhIngan-Hol On Behalf Of mayqel qunen'oS

And perhaps this is the thread to say, that one of the two words I was planning to ask for […] "incense" as in "material used to produce a fragrant odor when burned".
   [ …. ]
As far as the "incense" goes, depending on the occasion I'll use one of the following: {lalDan tlhIch}, {lalDan tlhIch Hap}, {quvmoHmeH tlhIch}, {pIw QaQ tlhIch}, {nItchoHmoHmeH tlhIch}, {nItchoHmoHbogh tlhIch}, {Qunpu'vaD tlhIch noblu'bogh}, or {tlhIch SeQ}.

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