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Wed Nov 17 05:21:23 PST 2021

And perhaps this is the thread to say, that one of the two words I was
planning to ask for the coming qepHom was "halo". The other was "incense"
as in "material used to produce a fragrant odor when burned".

But for reasons I already described, I decided not to send the email asking
for these words.

After all, I can say "halo" *exactly* as we say it in Greek, where we use a
compound word meaning "light hoop". So, in order to say halo, I'll steer
clear of any alien crap, and just say {tamghay gho}.

As far as the "incense" goes, depending on the occasion I'll use one of the
following: {lalDan tlhIch}, {lalDan tlhIch Hap}, {quvmoHmeH tlhIch}, {pIw
QaQ tlhIch}, {nItchoHmoHmeH tlhIch}, {nItchoHmoHbogh tlhIch}, {Qunpu'vaD
tlhIch noblu'bogh}, or {tlhIch SeQ}.

So, who gives a crap about requesting new words.

Ζεὺς ἦν, Ζεὺς ἐστίν, Ζεὺς ἔσσεται· ὦ μεγάλε Ζεῦ
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