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vorlaH'a' Halrov?

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> Here's a list of all new words that appeard in the Klingon translation
> of Alice. I'm working step by step to include them and the information
> into hte Klingon Wiki page.
> chotlh  stare at, gaze at, observe
> DuHSum  lobster
> Dul     sigh; This verb takes no object.
> ghI'van         gryphon [mythological animal with the body of a lion with
> wings]
> Halrov  treacle, syrup
> Her'IS  bird with a long neck, long legs
> HIl     make someone's presence known
> HIl'egh         make your own presence known
> HIt     think [have an inner conversation]
> mel'ogh         chrysalis
> mIwba'  trial [the process of what happens at court]
> neSngech        dormouse-like animal
> ngIbvay         weird animal found on Kronos that looks like a rock
> pu'veng         twig; also: cat's whiskers
> qer     shrink [get smaller, general]
> qerHa'  un-shrink [grow back to original size]
> Qa      grow (increase in size) [general term]
> QaHa'   un-grow [shrink, get smaller back to original size]
> rab     be gigantic, be huge, be humongous
> SetqIn  (adverbial) alternatively, instead, rather
> woSwa'  armadillo-like animal
> woSwa' ghew     rolling bug [like a pillbug]
> Some more words appeared that were made fromexisting parts:
> Durghang qung   keyhole
> joqmoH  wave a fan [or anything else]
> logh'ob         chest = front of something
> (tera') na'ran chang    marmalade (lit. gelatinous orange)
> (tera') na'ran HuH      marmalade (lit. orange slime)
> pob     animal's hair or fur
> qIp     knock, hit (with hand, fist...)
> reD     side [of something]
> reS     grow (flowers/plant/vegetables) [as in "she grows carrots"]
> rewve' mIjDang  fan, handheld fan; also: SuS mIjDang
> Sa'Hut  back [of something]
> SuS mIjDang     fan, handheld fan; also: rewve' mIjDang
> Sut veragh      button [part of clothing]
> tIr ngat        bread crumbs
> vatlhmoH        roll up [like a scroll]
> wuqwI'  juror [literally "decider"]
> wuqwI' ghom     jury
> 'opDIch         nth
> 'oplogh         several times
> http://klingon.wiki/En/AliceInWonderland
> See a preview of the book here: https://alice.klingonisch.de/english
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