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(CK):  The word for hour in Klingon is {rep}. “Six hundred hours” or six o'clock in the morning is “six” {jav} plus “hundred” “­vatlh” plus {rep};  altogether it's {javvatlh rep}.

Another example provided in “Conversational Klingon” was:

   pagh rep
   midnight (“zero hours”) (CK)

Failing that one can always just say:

   DaHjaj ramjep
   this midnight, tonight at midnight
   (msn.onstage.startrek.expert.Okrand 6/29/1997)

And in addition to the {Qoylu’pu’} method another way of asking the time is:

   rep yIper!
   Ascertain the hour! Specify the hour! (st.k 2/1999)
   (st.k 2/1999):  This is literally "Label the hour!"

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Should I say for midnight *cha'maH loSlogh Qoylu'pu'* or something with *zero*?

Unclear, but in the newsgroup posting/HolQeD article where the {Qoylu'pu'} idiom is explained, it says that the hours are labeled 1 through 24 in the {tera' rep N} system, but says nothing about how midnight is labeled using the {Qoylu'pu'} method, so I would assume it is {cha'maH loSlogh Qoylu'pu'} (as otherwise I would've expected it to be noted). But I would accept {paghlogh Qoylu'pu'} if I heard/saw it.

And is there a way to tell the minutes when using *Qoylu'pu'*?

Not that we know. But the form of the idiom suggests not, since presumably whatever is heard happens on the hour.

As an aside: do we know how to ask for the time when we tell it as hundreds?

The "hundreds" system is explained in Conversational Klingon, where the only way given to ask for time is to use {ghorgh}. The question {ghorgh mamej} is used as an example in the section on questions, and later, in the section about hotels (right after the section on telling time), the guest asks {ghorgh pa'wIjDaq jIchegh}. Since the only time-telling system which has been explained at this point is the "hundreds" system, presumably the answer will be of that form.

However, in the hotel section, the Klingon clerk also says {vagh rep bImejnIS} "Checkout time is 5 am", with no explanation of why {vagh rep} is used or why it means "5 am" or why it wasn't {vaghvatlh rep}. (Maybe Okrand accidentally dropped the {-vatlh} due to its visual similarity to {vagh} when he was reading the script.) Presumably, this is what prompted the newsgroup posting/HolQeD article, which begins <Actually, there are several ways to ask "What time is it?" in Klingon. Here are a couple...>
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