[tlhIngan Hol] 'eSpanya' QISmaS (Beginner's text and questions)

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Tue Nov 23 07:53:26 PST 2021

Each tree isn't a separate tradition, but the custom of decorating Christmas trees is.  Exchanging Christmas gifts is another.  Cantar villancicos también es otra tradición.  {wej QISmaS lurDech pIm bIH.}


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> That being said,
> ... 'ach 'eSpanya'ngan lurDech 'oHbejbe'.
> ... but this isn't really a Spanish tradition.

I used *bIH* because I was referring to the *QISmaS Sor*, which was plural in the text. That's similar to the problem with */Bethlehem/ velqa'mey nu' 'oH lurDechmaj'e'*. The sentence of the PB quoted by De'vID (*wa' Dol bIH qa''e' porgh'e' je*) seems to suggest that the pronoun agrees with the subject, but I think it's better, as De'vID says, to avoid these constructions if possible.


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