[tlhIngan Hol] {'e' qa'} "instead of" with the {qa'} bearing suffixes

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Mon Nov 22 01:37:34 PST 2021

On Sun, 21 Nov 2021 at 21:38, <luis.chaparro at web.de> wrote:

> Thank you, charghwI' and De'vID for your feedback!
> De'vID:
> > (Winning instead of losing is a consequence of phasers instead of
> knives, so probably in most situations your solution would be suitable, but
> maybe there are some cases where one really does want to state the
> replacement in the antecedent of the conditional instead of the consequent.)
> Just a last idea: what about using *qa'* as a *normal* verb? I know this
> is not exactly the same as the idiom *'e' qa'*, but could something like
> this work?: *yan qa'chugh pu', maQap* (*If the phasers replace the swords,
> we'll win*). Could we even say something like: *pu'vaD yan DIqa'moHchugh,
> maQap* (*If we replace the swords with the phasers, we'll win*)?

The sentence says nothing about *using* the phasers instead of knives, but
it could work if the context is supplied, e.g., {nuH DIlo'bogh DIwivDI',
pu'vaD yan DIqa'moHchugh, maQap} or something like that.

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