[tlhIngan Hol] can a {Daq} and a {Sep} be at the sea

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> Then the thought came to mind to say {Daq'a'}; but then a little bird
> informed me of the Star Trek 2009 deleted scene. There we have
> {tlhIngan wo' Daq'a' bo'elpu'} for "you have entered the jurisdiction
> of the Klingon Empire". If the English translation came from the hand
> of god himself, thus making it Ca'Non, then obviously we have {Daq'a'}
> (n) "jurisdiction", and the option of using the {Daq'a'} for a purpose
> as the one of the original example goes out the window.

You have the direction of translation backwards. The English sentence is
not the translation: it's the original wording in the shooting script (plus
whatever changes the director or others might have made prior to shooting
the scene). It didn't come from Okrand, but from others involved in writing
the dialogue. Okrand translated the English "you have entered the
jurisdiction of the Klingon Empire" *into* Klingon as {tlhIngan wo' Daq'a'

Now, imagine the {-'a'} wasn't there: {tlhIngan wo' Daq bo'elpu'}. This
sentence means "you have entered a site/location of the Klingon Empire".
That already gets the idea across of entering the Klingon Empire's
jurisdiction. The suffix {-'a'} indicates that the noun to which it is
attached is bigger, more important, or more powerful than without the
suffix. I think here it's turning {Daq} "site, location" into something
larger and more important, maybe a "territory/area" (in the sense of a
large location). The sense that it's the "Klingon Empire's jurisdiction"
comes from the genitive N1-N2 construction: {tlhIngan wo' Daq'a'}.

I think {bIQ'a' Daq'a'mey} would be fine for "areas (larger locations) in
the ocean".

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