[tlhIngan Hol] can a {Daq} and a {Sep} be at the sea

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> Read this:
> "There are specific locations in the sea where sea monsters were thought
> to frequently appear".
> Could we use the {Daq}/{Sep} or maybe even {SepHom} for the word
> "locations" of the above example?

I wouldn't use {Sep} to mean "region" in the sense of "area, some general
area". KGT tells us that a {Sep} is a "region" in the sense of a "specific
area whose borders are definable" and that these "regions" were politically
distinct in the past, and "country" might've been an appropriate
translation when this was the case. I don't know if any {Sep} on {Qo'noS}
cover a surface area which is entirely water, but if one existed, I expect
it to have specific borders (to the degree that this is possible in the

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