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Tue Nov 9 15:00:48 PST 2021

Thank you, charghwI' and Voragh for your replies!

I think it was the *romuluS HIq* and how the name of languages are formed in Klingon that made me think origin is expressed in noun-noun constructions with the name of the planet/country/region, and not with the name of the inhabitans.


> The basic idea is that {romuluSngan} refers to people and things related to them while {romuluS} refers to things characteristic of the planet, like {romuluS muD} the Romulan atmosphere, {romuluS Hovtay'} the Romulan star system, etc. So a {romuluSngan Sambogh 'ej HoHbogh nejwI'} was invented and/or originally used by or against Romulans (people) and the {loSmaH romuluSngan SuvwI'pu'} Kang killed were Romulan people too.

Sorry if I ask again: I understand what you mean with *romuluS muD* and *romuluS Hovtay'* as *things characteristic of the planet*, even *romuluS Ha'DIbaH*, but then we have these examples:


> romuluS yo' wIjeyta'
> We've defeated the Romulan fleet. KGT

> boq lucherDI' tlhIngan wo' romuluS Hov wo' je So'wI' cham Suqpu' tlhIngan wo'.
> Cloaking technology was gained through an alliance with the Romulan Star Empire... S33
Federation's precious Earth, are all up for grabs. MKE

> Dujon romuluS Duj
> Captured by Romulan ship. MKE

Especially the last one makes no much sense to me if compared to *romuluSngan Sambogh 'ej HoHbogh nejwI'*. A *Duj* or a *nejwI'* are both things invented/used by the (Romulan) people and not directly things charasteristic of their planet (?).


> It’s common to arbitrarily pick the name of a place or of the inhabitants in a Noun-Noun construction

Maybe it's just as charghwI' says something which is chosen arbitrarily? Thank you for your patience!

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