[tlhIngan Hol] Klingon Word of the Day: romuluSngan

luis.chaparro at web.de luis.chaparro at web.de
Tue Nov 9 05:04:09 PST 2021

I wanted to ask something about that word, so this KWOTD is very opportune :-)
Some days ago I discussed the phrase: *romuluSngan Sambogh 'ej HoHbogh nejwI'*. Shouldn't it have been *romuluS Sambogh 'ej HoHbogh nejwI'*? I've also found another canon example: *loSmaH romuluSngan SuvwI'pu' HoHta' qeng*, translated: *Kang killed 40 Romulan warriors*. Is there something I'm missing? Thank you!

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